About - Quikz Dev

I am a german back-end developer, working on multiple projects, mainly backend using Python and MySQL. I have created a range of Discord Bot applications allowing me to become a known and skilled Discord Bot Developer.


Over the years I have picked up on many skills as a developer using a range of languages and tools!




Web Servers



Here is a small list of projects that I have worked on, this is not a complete list, many projects I have worked on might be private or have not be listed here. Check out my GitHub account for more!

Buy your own Discord Bot

On my Discord Server, I am selling Discord Bots for donations (PAYMENT) which supports me! To see what I am selling exactly check out my Discord.

Discord Bot Dashboard

Discord Bot Dashboard is a Dashboard built with a modern UI to ensure its ease of use for anyone.

Ticket Bot

Ticket Bot is a Multifunctional Discord Bot with many Features. It's using MySQL for fast data query!

Coming soon...

Be hyped!